Congratulations to Judith and Michael from Monrovia, Indiana!

When a person comes into your life by accident, but stays on purpose, it’s beyond perfect. This is exactly what happened to Judith.

She writes:

“Mike and I met on Zoosk in 2013 by accident. He was in Texas and I was in Indiana, yet somehow our 50 mile radius search went beyond. I lived in the middle of no where and hardly had an internet connection at home. Getting logged in, loading messages, reading messages, responding, and sending messages was hit-and-miss. But Mike’s message loaded, I responded, and it sent! He then started driving to Indiana from Texas to meet up with me. His job allowed him to travel, which worked out perfectly for me, since I had a younger child at home and a job that I had to clock into every day. Eventually, he flew me out to Texas a couple of times. The rest is history! We got engaged in April 2017 and married in June 2017. We are the perfect match—with giving hearts, adventurous spirits, and our love life attitudes. Thank you, Zoosk!”

What a lovely and serendipitous love story. We wish Judith and Mike a lifetime of happiness. 🙂


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