Congratulations to Ken and Marsha from Hallandale Beach, Florida!

Love is what makes life divine. Ken’s heart aglow after falling in love with Marsha.

He writes:

“I saw Marsha on Zoosk in August 2017 and messaged her. When she wrote back, I realized she lived 60 miles away. And so, I wrote back telling her that she lived a little too far away to consider dating her. A month later, she wrote back and said, ‘We should still meet’ and gave me her number. I called her and during the conversation she said, ‘I’m a cool chick and you seem a cool guy, let’s meet.’ Because she was so bold and confident, I decided to drive the 60 miles to see her. The night was an instant success! We chatted at her place for 30 minutes and then decided to go to a music venue. We danced and enjoyed the night with the best band we had ever heard. From that night on, we’ve been inseparable. We see each other every weekend. We still cite that first night as our ‘Cinderella Night.’ We’re planning on her moving in with me next summer and getting married. Thank you, Zoosk!”

Congratulations to Ken and Marsha! Their love is an inspiration to us all. 😀


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