Congratulations to Lynne and Shawn from Brantford, Canada!

Never give up on something you really want! Lynne is glad she never gave up on finding that special someone because she finally did.

She writes:

“Shawn and I were getting discouraged with the dating scene. It’s much more difficult than you think to meet someone special with whom there is instant mutual attraction and a strong connection. And then I met Shawn. We have been inseparable ever since our first date. I never thought this was ever going to be possible. We are looking forward to what the future brings us. Don’t give up hope! Zoosk makes it possible to meet someone special that you would have never met any other way.”

Well said, Lynne. We’re so happy you found Shawn on Zoosk. We wish you two the very best on your journey ahead. 🙂


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