Congratulations to Maddie and Tyler from Georgia!

The best thing about memories…is making them. Maddie and Tyler agree.

Maddie writes:

“I had just moved to a new area and didn’t really know anyone. I kept seeing ads for Zoosk, so I decided to give it a try. After a day on Zoosk, I saw Tyler’s profile. I sent him a wink emoji, and then he asked me out. He was actually out of town for work that week, but came back just to take me out. At dinner, we had a lot of fun moments, and were even enjoying ourselves so much that we didn’t realize the restaurant was trying to close. It couldn’t have been more perfect. From that night on, we have been inseparable. On our one year anniversary, we went back to that restaurant and Tyler asked me to marry him. After asking him if he was serious several times, I said yes! We are now planning our wedding (for Fall 2019) and couldn’t be happier.”

Congrats on the engagement! We wish you two a lifetime of fond memories. 🙂


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