Congratulations to Maria and Peter from New York, New York!

As you say yes to life, life says yes back to you. Maria is glad she finally said yes to Peter because her life’s never been better.

She writes:

“When I came across Peter’s Zoosk profile, I noticed that he was from Bronxville (New York), where I work. After that, he viewed my profile and messaged me. It just so happened that he was a customer at my pharmacy and even ate at my favorite deli! But, I felt like he was too pretty for me, so I turned him down. Twice. The third time around, he invited me to eat with him, and I said yes (mainly because I love food). We actually ended up having a great time together! I was honest and completely myself, and I felt like he was too. We also had a lot much in common, which was refreshing. When he hugged me for the first time on the date, it felt amazing, almost like he had done it before. And after he kissed me at the end of the date, I knew I loved him. He even told me that I was what he’s been looking for all along. We have been dating for three months now and spend most of the week together. He’s the nicest man I know and is everything that I have ever wanted. Thank you, Zoosk!”

What a beautiful love story! We wish Maria and Peter a bright and happy future together. 🙂


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