Congratulations Matthew and Mary from Axtell, Texas!


There’s nothing like a little distance to make the heart grow fonder. Matthew and Mary, who met on Zoosk, are currently in a long distance relationship. He writes:

“When we both subscribed to Zoosk, we found each other almost immediately. It only took a few days to find out that we were perfect together. Two months and about 150+ hours on the phone later, I flew to meet Mary in person (over 1,000 miles away) for a five day mini romantic vacation. Today, we don’t go a day without hearing each other’s voice. She is the first person I listen to in the morning and the last person I listen to at night.

In February 2016, I will move to Chicago to join the Navy for almost two years. Afterwards, there is no limit to our ambitious plans together! I never thought I would find my soul mate online, and I’m sure Mary would agree we are exactly that.”

We wish Matthew and Mary the very best! We hope the time and distance apart will bring them that much closer!

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