Congratulations to Meg and Tal from San Jose, California!

Love is all about timing! Meg found this to be very true when she met and feel in love with Tal.

She writes:

“I was new to online dating and still very shy about it. Tal kept asking me out on a date, and even though he lived over an hour away, I gave in because he was so charming. We had an amazing first date and a few more after that, but the timing wasn’t quite right. So, we parted ways and stayed in touch.

Tal had set the bar high. I wanted to meet someone that had the same passion for life as he did. After 49 other first dates and 16 months later, Tal and I  decided to meet up again. Within the week, we talked about how we knew we loved each other back at the start. Less than four months later, we got married! Although we both had very happy lives before meeting each other, we have never, ever known a love like this.”

Congratulations Meg and Tal. We wish you a lifetime of love and joy! 🙂


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