Congratulations to Naomi and Michael from South Carolina!

Be fearless in your quest for love. Naomi was wooed by Michael’s bold and confident dating approach.

She writes:

“Although our Zoosk profiles said we lived 222 miles apart, Michael sent me a message boldly introducing himself. He said, ‘Sorry not sorry for being so bold, but you’ve been on my mind ever since I first saw you! Not only because I find you gorgeous, but because the words in your profile really speak to me.’ I was drawn in by the message, his honest blue eyes, and his mischievous smile. We messaged each other back and forth a little while, and realized we had a lot in common and were in very similar stages of life. He was so sure that we’d hit it off in-person that he asked if he could come visit me in my town. I knew there was something special between us, so I said yes. The weather turned out to be quite frightful that weekend. He was caught in Tornado warnings, but persistently headed my way. We were able to meet despite the bad weather, and by the end of the day, we were both pretty excited about the connection we had made. He was everything I had been looking and wishing for, and he confidently told me without a doubt that I was the one for him.”

Aww, we’re so glad it worked out! We wish you two nothing but the best on your journey ahead. 🙂


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