Congratulations to Rachel and Brad from Wisconsin!

The best first dates are the ones where things just flow. Rachel and Brad can attest to this.

Rachel writes:

“For our first date, we planned a boating trip, where we were supposed to fish and then dock and have dinner. But when we got on the boat, the conversation was so good that we never even took the fishing poles out. We just sipped wine and enjoyed the evening. Eventually, we stopped for dinner like planned, but it was so late that we just had an appetizer. We both had never had a date like that before! We are now in an amazing relationship that appears to be headed for lifetime commitment. Never did either of us think that we’d find someone so perfect using an online dating app, but it happened, and we are both thankful for giving it a try!”

We’re so glad you gave Zoosk a try as well. We wish you two a bright future! 🙂


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