Congratulations to Robert and Erin from Madison, Alabama!


Soon-to-be newlyweds, Robert and Erin share their heart-warming “then came love” story.

Robert writes:

“Erin messaged me in January 2015. I can’t remember the exact details of our first chat (between all the messages, likes, pokes, and thumbs ups), but I asked her to meet me as soon as she could! We met for the first time at a comfortable coffee shop. A few days later, we went out to eat at a nice restaurant. The dinner lasted two hours, and we both had an awesome time!

Fast forward twelve months to our one year anniversary—we’re sitting down at a table in the same coffee shop where we first met. The next thing I know, our parents walk in with video cameras, and I am down on one knee with a ring. Erin was in shock; she couldn’t even respond. She just took the ring and put it on!

Fast forward to present day—the wedding planning is a huge undertaking, but it’s going well. We’re getting married on October 1, 2016. Our relationship grows stronger every day and we’re both as happy as we could possibly be!”

We’re as happy as we possibly could be for Robert and Erin! We hope you two have a beautiful wedding! 🙂


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