Congratulations to Tamika and Adrian from Texas!

Zoosk Success Couple Tamika and Adrian

It only took both Tamika and Adrian less than 2 weeks to go from signing up to Zoosk to deleting the app! They recently got married and Tamika is proud to tell others how she met her husband.

She writes:

“I met the love of my life!! Adrian and I had both only been on Zoosk for about a week when Adrian sent me a message that said “Hi”. Simple as that. I had a very rough end to the year of 2018. The holidays didn’t make things any better. I was tired of being lonely. I had heard of a few other dating apps and websites, but when I googled what was the best dating site, Zoosk turned up. I was hesitant to pay for a long term subscription, so I opted to purchase just 1 month of service. Best $29.95 spent in my life. Adrian had the exact same story. He was sad during the holidays and decided to try online dating. He worked in the oil field in rural Texas and just didn’t have much time to meet anyone.

I knew immediately after the first day of conversation that Adrian was special. He shared all of the same family values. He was a hardworking father to 3 kids. I also came into the relationship with 3 kids. We now have the Brady Bunch, 3 boys and 3 girls. After talking almost constant for a week, I drove 5 1/2 hours to meet Adrian. I spent the weekend with Adrian and we both knew that our relationship was special. We both deleted our app subscriptions within 2 weeks of signing up.

He proposed to me at the end of September and we were just married on November 23rd. I can honestly say that I found my soul mate. He spoils me and rubs my feet just because he can! I’ve had so many people ask how I met my husband. I’m proud to tell them it was all online. Easy and safe. Cheers to an amazing new year.”

We are delighted that you both chose Zoosk and found each other! We wish you and your newly expanded family all the best for the future, what a great story 🙂


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