Congratulations to Teresa and George from Nebraska!

The beauty of life is in each precious moment. Teresa understands this.

She writes:

“One day, I was using the Carousel feature on Zoosk and I matched with George. I noticed that he had an adorable smile and played guitar. But, he lived in a different state. So, I sent him a message saying, ‘I would love to sing with you sometime, but you live so far away!’ He replied saying, ‘Everything happens for a reason and I’m willing to relocate. Lol.’ We met in-person the next week at a coffee shop (two hours away from him and an hour away from me), where he was performing for open mic night. I arrived first, so I bought coffee and sat down. A few minutes later, he walked in with his guitar. We hugged and then he went on stage to play. It was so fun listening to him play guitar and sing. Later that evening, his daughter called to wish him a happy birthday. After learning that, I took him to dinner for a nice birthday meal. That was the beginning of us. The connection we have is indescribable. We value spending time together, and every day with him is more precious than the one before.”

What a precious story! We wish Teresa and George a lifetime of precious moments together. 🙂


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