Congratulations to Todd and Meredith from Arkansas!

Picture of Todd and Meredith

We all may have our ups and downs, but if you don’t stop believing, great things may happen! Meredith and Todd are a great example of that.

He writes:

“As crazy as it sounds I had been on and of Zoosk for last couple of years since becoming a widower in 2017. I was ready to call it quits because the girl I had met on here right before the one I am with now was the worst narcissistic person I had ever met and I had vowed after her never again would I date someone from a dating site again.

Then I had gotten a message from this girl Meredith and just thought why not cant be any worse than the girl I just got played by. Someone should write a book on how to date in your 40s the generation that basically watched the internet evolve to what it is. Anyhow I’ve been on a lot of different dating sites mainly because I come from a small town and no other options but I have to say this Zoosk has been the most trustworthy and hassle free site that I have been on. That doesn’t mean you wont met a crazy one because they are just out there and you have to weed through them. This site has by far the best security I’ve seen to keep all the bot accounts or fake accounts away.

So this last girl I met – Meredith turns out to so far be a pretty good catch, down to earth and we have a lot in common so I’m good with that, we have been together almost 2 months now and everything going well so thank you ZOOSK for bringing us together. I just want to say to everyone out there don’t give up you’ll have ups and downs but just keep trying, this one is still in its infancy but if I have to choose any site to met people on I would always come back here.”

We’re really happy to hear that we helped Todd and Meredith find each other and wish them all the best for their new adventure together!


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