Congratulations Tony & Jessica from Bridgeville, PA!


For Tony, Zoosk paid off! When he met Jessica, it was “Love at first TYPE.” He writes:

“After a bad experience with a free dating site, I decided to look at a paid dating service. My buddy met a girl on Zoosk and they were doing well, so I decided to try it, signing up for a month. A profile from Jessica Joy quickly caught my eye. We had so much in common, including both having a child (Rylan and Ryder) and a dog (Tippy and Ella), plus an 80% compatibility match. So, I decided to send her a message.

Over the next couple weeks we talked and shared everything from likes, dislikes, wants, jobs, hobbies, past, present, future. When we went on our first date, I was so afraid I was getting catfished because she just seemed to good to be true. We decided to meet at The Melting Pot for an interactive kind of fondue dinner. I bought a single rose. But when I parked, I got extremely nervous meeting her with a flower, so I decided to leave it in the car. As I approached the restaurant, I saw the most beautiful woman walking from the other direction. And I started thinking to myself, she really is real!!! My eyes locked on her and we walked towards each other. I said something like, “Jessica, I am so glad to finally meet you!” And I was. For me this was “Love at first TYPE.”

For these two, a great first date was the beginning of a perfect relationship.

“We sat face to face with the fondue pot in the middle. The night could not have gone any better. We talked all night and followed dinner with a walk. When it was time to go, I really wanted to give her the rose that I left my car. So, I asked her to walk to my car with me. She said okay, and I gave her the rose followed by a hug. I really wanted to kiss her, but I got nervous. I told her I had the most amazing time and then, just decided to go in for the kiss. She kissed me back and it was probably the most amazing kiss of my life.

As soon as I got home that night, I texted her to tell her how amazing the night was. And it has been the same ever since. We spend a lot of time together, with our kids and our dogs. After 8 months, we told each other I LOVE YOU, even though I knew I loved her a long time before that. We have the most amazing relationship and I want it to be so much more.

Once you find that person who completes you, nothing else matters. It bothers me that I had to spend almost 30 years of my life without her. And the thought of not having picked Zoosk as my main dating service is awful because I would have never met my SOULMATE, Jessica Joy!”

We’re so happy for Tony and Jessica. We wish them a lifetime of Joy!


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