Congratulations to Tydal and Matt from North Carolina!

Zoosk Success Couple Tydal and Matt

Another Zoosk engagement story! Tydal was just about to give up on dating completely, but luckily just before she did she connected with Matt, and now they are set to tie the knot this year!

She writes:

“After almost a decade of on-and-off online dating on various dating sites, I was nearly one day away from giving up on it entirely and settling on being single. But before I ended my search (and with some encouragement from my mom), I decided to send out a “blast” generic message on Zoosk, which would be sent to several random people (which is a clever feature, by the way). And as luck would have it, the best response came from the one I would eventually meet in person. After so many years of dating, I was still skeptical about my chances of meeting “the one,” but after a 4-hour phone call and a couple of dates (where he had me laughing continuously), he turned out to be the one I was looking for the whole time. We are now the best of friends AND, 3 years later, he’s now my fiance! I was resigned to being single for life, and now I’m getting married in 2020 to my best friend. Crazy! Thank you, Zoosk!”

We’re so happy we were able to help bring you two together, and wish you all the best for your upcoming wedding day and future together!


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