Congratulations to Yolanda and Oscar from La Porte, Texas!

Happiness is contagious and it starts with a smile. This was certainly the case for Yolanda and Oscar.

She writes:

“Well, it all started with a smile! 🙂 It was Monday (February 5th) and as I was getting ready for work, I decided to take a few minutes to check my Zoosk messages. There was nothing too exciting there, so I moved on to browsing, and there he was—wearing a blue t-shirt with a superman logo, a baseball hat, and had the sexiest scruff look ever! It was love at first sight! I quickly viewed his profile and since I was in rush, all I could do was send him a smile. It worked! Oscar replied instantly. We started chatting and by the end of the week, we met up for lunch. We had a lot in common—from our taste in music to both coming from big families, having children about the same age, and our lust for life. The most important thing though is our strong faith and belief in God. We’re both very happy, and I’ll end it with this… send that smile and don’t give up! You never know what can happen.”

That’s right! You never know what will happen unless you try. Congrats again you two. 🙂


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