“I rented the cheesiest limo to pick her up.” Find out if Bo’s rental won Ashley’s heart…


Can love at first sight happen online? For Bo, seeing Ashley’s Zoosk profile felt like nothing less:

“I first laid eyes on Ashley’s profile around early September of 2014. We began talking the same day. There was an immediate spark of interest for both us. We talked for hours. A few days later, Ashley came up with the idea of having a Skype date. I recall being very nervous about meeting her online. She was so beautiful! I stammered my way through the conversation and was pretty sure that I came off as a huge goof. I was so intimidated by her! She was beautiful, smart, and funny.”

Ashley’s personality dazzled Bo via Skype, but would the sparks fly in person?

“We set up a time and place to meet, and boy was I a nervous wreck! I rented the cheesiest limo to pick her up. This thing looked like it was straight out of Miami Vice. The driver got lost several times on the way which made this experience even more nerve racking. It all became worth it, though, when I finally arrived at her door step. I recall getting out of the limo and seeing the most gorgeous woman that I have ever seen walking outside to come meet me.”

Despite his nerves, Bo realized that he shared a deep connection with Ashley–a deep connection that would lead to a life of love.

“Even to this day, I remember the flips my stomach was doing. My palms were sweaty, my face was flush, and I struggled to formu a sentence. We laughed the entire night in the back of that 1980 era limousine. This was about two months ago, and I still get the same butterflies when I see her beautiful smile.

She recently moved out to South Dakota with me, and she has been a phenomenal mother to my two boys and an even better partner in life for me. We are looking at the potential of marriage, and I look forward to what our future holds together.”

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