Taking Another Chance at Love: How Stan Met Kasi



Posted by Joan Actually

Bouncing back from divorce is not easy, but Stan wanted another chance at love. After weighing his options, he decided to give Zoosk a try. Now that he’s met Kasi, things are looking up, but making the original decision to give online dating a try wasn’t easy:

“So there I was. In my mid-thirties and starting my life over. I passed the part of my life where going to bars to find women is an option. The chances of my soul mate passing me in the street are slim to none. Also, I’m a dad; I want to make sure I spend my time around the right people. I turned to Zoosk after their cleverly placed ads on Facebook finally captured my attention. What else did I have to lose? It was worth a shot.”

After perusing profiles, Stan found Kasi’s smiling picture: “She was beautiful! I had to send her a message and let her know that I was a normal, good guy. It wasn’t soon after that when I realized that it was like we were separated at birth.”

Stan took advantage of Zoosk’s mobile messaging app to continue conversations with Kasi: “the mobile app made it easier for me to talk to her when I was away from the computer. I guess it paid off, because we scheduled a meeting pretty soon after our first messages.”

And that meeting could not have gone better.

“When I saw her—that first moment—it was just magic. Like a fairy tale. I was sold. Well, actually, I was sold before I even met her, but when she was standing there, I was so happy. The conversation started up immediately. We barely even ate and, instead, talked for hours.”

After their first meeting, Stan and Kasi have yet to spend a weekend apart; they are looking forward to building more happy memories together in and around Savannah, Georgia.

Congratulations, Kasi and Stan. We are so happy you two took a chance on Zoosk and found each other!

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