Zoosk congratulates Angeline and Isagani from the Philippines on their engagement!

Zoosk congratulates Angeline and Isagani, whose success story is one of the saddest, but also most heartwarming, that we’ve ever heard. This Zoosk couple encountered some trials and tribulations along the way, but their shared love and commitment helped the two overcome the greatest obstacle of all and grow even closer as a result.

I was checking Facebook when I saw a Zoosk ad. Curious, I joined and met a few guys, but no one caught my interest. Then one day he messaged me. He asked me to chat on messenger. I thought maybe he was just too shy to ask for my number but he did ask for my number after we chatted for a while, and we became textmates for 2 weeks before meeting for dinner. He even walked me home afterward because he’s such a gentleman. When he asked me to marry him on Jan. 25. 2010, I said yes and I didn’t doubt a thing! We were just so happy, the two of us.

Then, one day, on Feb. 12, 2010, I felt nauseous while we were on a road trip. I was brought into the hospital and found out that I was pregnant! This made us very happy because it was part of our plan to have a baby before our wedding! But the pain became more and more overwhelming so the doctors decided to test me. It was ectopic pregnancy. The doctor said I had to undergo an operation to remove the egg from one of my ovaries.

Even though we are both disappointed of our lost baby, this doesn’t change our love for each other. Right now I’m living with him and still recovering. He takes care of me. I know we will have our baby in God’s time. We are getting married this September. Thanks a lot Zoosk for giving each one of us here the chance to meet the love of our life! I also thank all the people we’ve met here. We will never forget all of you.

Angeline and Isagani Cedillo
Pasig City, Philippines