Zoosk couple of the day: Sarah & Wes from Washington

Congrats to today’s Zoosk couple of-the-day: Sarah & Wes from Washington state! Sarah shares:

“I met my amazing boyfriend on Zoosk!!! Thank you so much!

My name is Sarah Ervin and I’m a 22 year old divorced single mom. I’m active duty in the army and had a hard time meeting people naturally because I’m a mom, and most people who see me with my daughter assume that I’m still married. And I move frequently.

I decided to go on Zoosk as a whim, and ended up seeing that there are all real, normal, local guys on Zoosk who are also looking for a relationship. It was great because I got to sift through pictures and when I saw a guy that was attractive, I could read a bit about them to see if their personality matched up to what I was looking for.

My boyfriend, Wes, who is also in the army, found me and sent me the old ‘wink wink’ and I liked his pics and page, we exchanged numbers, and had an amazing first date, and have been dating for a month now. He’s the best boyfriend I’ve ever had and I’m so happy to be with him!

I’m deploying to Iraq soon and we’re doing long distance and hope to be together for a long time. =]

Thank you Zoosk for this!” —Sarah & Wes from Washington

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