Zoosk couple: Sophia and Christopher from France

Congrats to Sophia and Christopher from France on their Zoosk success story! They really have an incredibly romantic story that is impossible to sum up, so without further ado, just read it from her words:

Hi, I am Sophia and I met my fiance Christopher on Zoosk and fell in love.  (Sorry for my bad English but I am French).

Back in February 2012 he sent me a message saying that I was very pretty. At first I was not attracted to him. But I told him and I began to talk to him and gradually I saw that it was an interesting man and endearing. So I gave him my number and we talked every day for almost three months. But at that time I lived in the north of France and him in the South of France, so we felt a relationship was impossible due to the distance and we fell out of touch. For a while we had no contact, but in December of 2012 I began again to speak to him again and then we began to talk like before, on the phone and online.

At this time we still had not met in person but we found our infinity and our complicity. He was always in love with me but he would not tell me because he was afraid of being hurt. But I told him I was in the South and I finally wanted to see him because I had feelings for him.

And finally we met January 19, 2013 in Sète, it was love at first sight. We spent the day together and later that day he introduced me to his mother. He said to his mother that I was the wife of his life and future mother of his children and that he wants me and only me. He waited for me for almost one year because he wanted me and not another.

He asked me to live with him for our 1 year meeting in February 2013 it’s been 4 months since we live together. And we expect our first child will be born in March 2014. Thank you Zoosk!

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