Singles Reflect on 2010

As 2010 winds down and 2011 quickly approaches, Zoosk wanted to know what singles felt about the trends and news of the past 12 months. We surveyed 1,500 single users on a series of topics ranging from fashion and technology trends, to lifestyle and celebrity news. In the process, we got a fascinating glimpse into the collective single psyche!

We divide our findings into 3 categories: technology, lifestyle, and entertainment. Here’s what we discovered!

1. Singles and Technology

Some quick findings:

The majority of singles admit to having naughty photos of themselves floating out and about!!! Don’t feel so bad; you aren’t alone!

Singles prefer texting to the phone call. What does this say about the future of flirting?

Sexiest smartphone award goes to the iPhone, but the Android comes in at a close second!

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2. Singles and lifestyle

Some quick findings:

The majority of singles respond that skinny jeans and the man purse are the worst crimes of fashion for men in 2010.

The majority of singles respond that extreme high waist jeans and ‘sandals with socks’ are the worst crimes of fashion for women in 2010.

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3. Singles and entertainment

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes gets the majority of votes for the oddest celebrity odd couple who are still together to this day. Second place? That went to Woody Allen and Soon Yi Previn.

Singles say that, of the celebrities who’ve had unfortunate run-ins with the law in 2010, Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen are the 2 hottest celebrity jailbirds.

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The deeper message

The reports above are definitely fun and all, but, shallow stuff aside, we learned some pretty deep facts about how singles view love. The running theme? Optimism!

These days, singles pick and choose their partners carefully.

  • The majority of singles (56%) reported to dating between 1-3 people this year.
  • 28% of singles report to having dated 0 people in the past year.

Singles are optimistic about their love lives.

  • 77% of singles said they have a good feeling that they’ll meet that special someone in 2011
  • 23% of singles were more pessimistic and don’t believe they’ll find true love in 2011

Zoosk is thrilled that singles on our site are optimistic about their chances of finding love and we will do everything we can to make sure that happens! We wish our users the best of luck. What do you think about these findings? Let us know in the comment section below!

Happy Zoosking!