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Don’t Need Money, Honey To Have a Good Time

How to Not Let low-funds interrupt your romantic journey.

Even though we often feel the need to spend a lot of money on first dates, a bigger personality will leave more an impact than a bigger bill.  If you’re low on cash, or simply do not want to let your date know about your finances– a creative inexpensive first date may be in order.

Crossing out anything that costs money upon entrance and eating out may seem intimidating, but in the end, you can show off your innovative thinking, unique interests, and your openness to new experiences. Every city holds events in public spaces that can be explored.  Start by viewing your town as a tourist would.  Consider checking out a tourist book to give you a new path through the city you may never have thought of.  Parks, libraries, or even city buildings with beautiful architecture can provide enough for you and your date to engage with.

You can take advantage of museums that often have a day every month when you can go for free or gallery walks with free wine and cheese!.  Check your local newspaper for free events.  Your date will appreciate doing something different and cultural, instead of just seeing the latest movie.

When all else fails, look around your home, and kitchen, and use what you’ve already got.  Try creating your own scavenger hunt that will take you and your date around to interesting areas.  A spontaneous picnic on the grass, or a midnight game of truth-or-dare poker with your own rules will show that you are never bored, and thus never boring.

Any and all of these ideas cost little to no money, and yet will show off your creative and spontaneous side. If the chemistry is off, you will still have new surroundings or an interesting subject with which to engage.  If you two hit it off, then there is no pressure to enjoy the expensive background, and leaves plenty of space for the date to become more intimate.  Either way, ‘no money’ does not have to mean ‘no fun’.

Share YOUR creative, inexpensive date ideas with us in our comments section! Until the next date, this is Drew signing out.

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