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Is He That into You? Watching for the Signs

To know what a man’s intentions are when you meet them would be priceless.  To know what a man thinks about you after a couple of dates would be helpful.  However in reality, asking a man to be that honest upfront is like asking a woman to go upstairs on the first date.  Instead, behavior of a man will always tell you the truth:

When you meet

  • A man that is attracted to you and interested in dating or a relationship will do his best not to say the typical pick-up lines.
  • If a man approaches you with a conversation full of pick-up lines, and is a smooth-talker, be cautious of what he really wants.

Once you start dating

  • If he initiates communication with you on a regular basis, he is putting forth effort, and wants to show you he is interested.
  • If you are always reaching out to him, and the same effort is not reciprocated, he may not be that into you.  Someone genuinely interested in you will make time to communicate, even if it is just five minutes on the way to his meeting.

When you’re out

  • If a man does not want to be seen with you in public, he is either not that into you or he has something to hide.
  • A man that is interested in you will show you how he can be as a boyfriend
  • If a man constantly looks at or talks to other women when you are together, he views you as a friend, and is not that into you
  • If he is not interested in knowing you on a personal level, he may not be that into you.
  • A man that is interested in you wants to know about your personal life, your background, and eventually your future goals.

Accept what his actions tell you, and try not to embellish what you observe into something you want it to be.  If he is not that into you, do not try to force the issue.  Continue your search, and find someone that is into you, and has no problem proving it!

Think I left something out? Share YOUR behavior tips on our comment section!

From my heart to yours, Valeria Griffin J

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