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Interesting findings about love and sex and Super Bowl 2011

The Super Bowl is America’s most watched television event of the year (for men and women) so Zoosk surveyed over 1,000 of you on our site, to find out your thoughts on the game, the players, and the parties! What did we find out about love, sex, and football? Read on below!

Women prefer watching football to having sex.

  • 73% of women responded that they’d rather watch Sunday’s big game than have sex, whereas nearly 50% of men said they’d rather have sex than watch the game. Only 27% of women preferred sex to watching the game.

The sexes are divided on who they hope will win.

  • 57% of men said they’re rooting for the Green Bay Packers.
  • 54% of women said they’ll be cheering for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Ryan Clark (Steelers) is voted the hottest player.

  • Who will be MVP is yet to be decided, but singles agree the MAP – Most Attractive Player – is Ryan Clark (Steelers).
  • Aaron Rodgers (Packers), Mason Crosby (Packers) and Hines Ward (Steelers) followed.

Singles rank Green Bay, Wisconsin a “less romantic” city than Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

  • When asked which city with a major football team they’d most want to visit for a romantic weekend, Green Bay and Pittsburgh both fared badly – but Green Bay came in dead last.

Men and women agree on the best part of this Sunday’s football experience: the game.

  • 57% of singles surveyed said they get most excited about the game.
  • 20% ranked TV ads the #1 reason to watch, while 16% responded “the partying.”
  • Only 7% ranked the half-time show as their favorite.

Guys want to grab a beer with Brett Favre, whereas women want Tom Brady.

  • Men chose Brett Favre (32%) as their preferred drinking buddy, followed by Peyton Manning (22%), Drew Brees (18%), Tom Brady (14%), Ladainian Tomlinson (8%) and Jason Taylor (6%).
  • Women chose Tom Brady (32%) followed by Drew Brees (20%), Peyton Manning (17%), Brett Favre (14%), Jason Taylor (12%) and Ladainian Tomlinson (5%).

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