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Weekend Lunar Love Horoscope for Feb. 25-27, 2011

Trust is key. There are two distinctly different lunar influences this weekend. Friday finds the Moon in enthusiastic Sagittarius, which is perfectly suited for taking risks and having fun. High hopes, big promises and an irresponsible sense of adventure can be exciting, but also just a little bit dangerous. Sagittarius’ expansive ruling planet Jupiter’s tense 90-degree square with extremist Pluto stirs up some provocative behavior. Bluntly honest remarks may hit below the belt as judgments might grow harsh and hurtful. Desires could exceed reasonable boundaries, pushing individuals to overindulge in life’s pleasures or plunge to despair with unreasonable doubt.

The emotional sheriff comes to town on Saturday when the Moon enters orderly and responsible Capricorn. A favorable lunar hookup with energetic Mars adds punch to the evening and a willingness to work hard for a good time. Bolder behavior in pursuit of physical pleasure could lead to a passionate evening. Taking turns acting as the leader is a good way for each person to have moments of being in charge.

Night owls, though, may feel more than they bargained for when the Moon joins deep dark Pluto during the first few hours of Sunday morning. On the plus side, this intensity can make an intimate connection even more powerful, but profound trust in a partner is necessary to ensure safety.

The productive Capricorn lunar influence on Saturday and Sunday is useful for combining work and play. Dealing with practical matters that would usually seem ordinary and dull can feel surprisingly romantic. Love and ambition can go hand in hand now if you have a partner who shares your goals.

by Jeff Jawer. For more, check out your Weekly Love Horoscope!

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