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Weekend Lunar Love Horoscope for Jan. 7-9, 2011

Friday gets off to a slow start with the Moon in cool Aquarius and the Sun forming a stressful square with strict Saturn. But the environment softens in the afternoon when the Moon joins imaginative Neptune, inviting fantasies that wash away barriers to romance. The Moon enters compassionate Pisces in the evening, aligning in a potent relationship with loving Venus to stir the heart’s desires. These conditions are ideal for losing ourselves in a magical world where worries fade as dreams of amour make even the most unlikely partner seem interesting. This fascination is really about an urge to merge that can undermine discrimination and lead to regrets if we’re not careful about the person on whom we project these feelings. It’s fine to sacrifice reason for a romantic ride as long as no one is counting on this interlude as a solid foundation for a lasting relationship.

The Moon stays in soft and surreal Pisces all weekend to stretch emotions to a highly tender state. This extra sensitivity increases our vulnerability, which may be a key component of truly getting close to someone, or the reason why we may choose to hastily retreat. Keep in mind that speaking kindly and carefully will reduce the chances of wounding feelings. Escaping from routine situations and the demands of daily life is great for decompressing from the stresses of practical concerns. Sharing this kind of imaginative adventure with someone who makes us laugh may not last beyond the weekend but can brighten our lives with bliss right now.

By Jeff Jawer at DailyHoroscope.com!

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