Zoosk Couple: Jeanne & Scott

Today’s Zoosk success story couple hails from Wentzville, Missouri. Jeanne writes:

“I first winked at Scott on June 28th, but he didn’t respond until 19 days later. I’m 49 and live in Wentzville and Scott is 46 but lives in O’Fallon. We “connected” almost immediately and spoke to each other almost every day. Once we exchanged phone numbers, we talked for 2-3 hours every night. Both of us were quite new to online dating and Zoosk. In fact, I was the first gal to wink at Scott, but it took him 19 days to respond. We’re both dog lovers, both have labs, so it seemed only fitting that our first date was a doggy play date at the dog park. It was raining, but we met there anyway. The dog park was closed, so we decided to sit under a pavilion in the rain and talk. Our dogs became best buds right away and played together in the rain for hours. We were both so excited and nervous about meeting each other that we were shaking. We stayed there for almost 8 hours talking and we didn’t leave until dark. The rain turned out to be a blessing. The park was empty and quiet and it was the most romantic date of my life. Since then, we have both looked forward to the rain and have even had some outdoor romantic dates to remind us of our first date. We both fell in love that day and we know that we will be together for the rest of our lives. Somehow, I have managed to stay single for 49 years and had convinced myself that I never wanted to get married. Thank you Zoosk for providing me with the tools to meet the most wonderful man in the world!” —Jeanne and Scott from Wentzville, Missouri

Congrats to the happy couple!

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