Heather and Roland from Maine share their Zoosk success story

We love this heartwarming Zoosk success story from Roland and Heather from Maine!  Congrats to this very unique couple!

“Roland and I met on Zoosk. We are just 3 months away from our 2 year anniversary. We both signed up a day apart. He sent me a long email and I really wanted to read it so I subscribed to Zoosk fully. I wasn’t interested in anyone else’s pick up lines. My profile was direct and to the point. That we just wanted to cut all BS out of the equation. I was looking for my best friend! We both are hard workers. He works so much in his own business and I am a firefighter. He was not looking for a girly-girl and I was looking for someone who understood my busy schedule. After talking for 2 weeks every evening for what seemed like hours, he called me one morning and said he’d be in my town in half an hour and asked if I wanted to meet in person. I was not dressed up at all and extremely tired from working all night the night before but I agreed to meet him for coffee. I remember he was so nervous that when he moved his hands off the table he left sweat imprints! Of course he would tell you I was scared to death also. That was day one of this beautiful journey together. We both adore each other. I couldn’t imagine living without him now. The three of us now live together (Roland, myself and his cat Bob). I have found my best friend!!!”

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